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MPI Workshop February 26th

January 14, 2020

  • You’ve created an MPI application.
  • Now what actually happens when you launch it?
  • How does Linux see it? Is it still working fine?
  • Do OpenMPI and IntelMPI applications look different?  
  • How do MPI settings affect the application runtime?

On February 26th in the ESIF-B308 Insight Center Visualization Room we will be hosting an MPI workshop to answer questions like these.  During the first part of the workshop there will be a live demo to explain specifics and demonstrate how it actually looks from a Linux perspective.  The second part will allow participants to launch test apps and experiment within the environment on Eagle.  The workshop assumes the general familiarity with MPI. 

Please RSVP by emailing  Seats are limited.

To add the event to your calendar use this link: