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Please Move Inactive Files Off the /projects File System

January 11, 2018

The /projects file system is a shared resource. Projects with node hour allocations on Peregrine request allocations of space on /projects. Because our data retention policy allows expired projects three months to move their data off Peregrine, each year when new projects start on November 1, we have projects from the previous year still occupying space. This year this has created a space crunch — the file system is now about 90% full and we need your help to free up space. If the file system fills up, many users will be impacted.

Please review the files you have stored in the /projects directory, delete unnecessary files and relocate files that are not in active use. If your project has ended and your data is already stored either on /mss or on some other system, please delete your files from Peregrine's /project file system now.

For more information about the file systems on Peregrine, see Peregrine System. For information about moving files between systems, see Data Storage and Transfer Best Practices.