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Mass Storage Improvements

January 11, 2018

We have increased the file (inode) quota from the default of 100k to 1 million for /mss/users and increased the /mss/projects default of 100k to 2 million. The increased inode limits will allow you to rsync between /scratch and /mss/ without having to use tar. We would still encourage you to tar files when its practical or if you have a very large number of small files, but tar is no longer required for the majority of workflows.

On December 8th 2017 we made substantial hardware improvements to Mass Storage. You should notice a performance increase when copying files to and from Mass Storage. We improved the network speeds on the NFS servers from 20Gbps to 40Gbps, increased the fibre channel speeds from 8Gbps to 16Gbps and the underlying disk cache architecture is more performant.