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Lustre Quotas

November 03, 2020

Effective with the new Fiscal Year 2021 Project allocations for Eagle, quotas for approved storage allocations' capacities have been implemented on /projects and MSS on Eagle. This was to encourage users to manage their /projects data usage and usage of /scratch for jobs. HPC Operations is developing reporting capabilities of usage, but in the mean time, users may request help from the HPC Help Desk, or utilize these procedures from an Eagle Login node:

To view project quotas and usage:

Get the ProjectID for your /projects directory:

lfs project -d /projects/csc000

110255 P /projects/csc000

Get the usage and quota in kbytes:

lfs quota -p 110255 /projects/csc000

Disk quotas for prj 110255 (pid 110255):

Filesystem  kbytes   quota   limit   grace   files   quota   limit   grace

/projects/csc000 3165308*   3072    4096       -      48  1073741824 2147483648       -

An * means you have exceeded your soft quota of 3072kb, the hard limit of 4096kb reached means no more writes are allowed. Grace period is set to default of 7 days but will show time until writes are suspended. "files" indicate the number of inodes used and soft and hard limits.

We encourage users to run their jobs in Eagle /scratch and copy results and other necessary project files to /projects, possibly using tar and zip to conserve space (tar czvf tar-file-name.tgz source-directory-files-to-tar-and zip).

If you are over your project quota, we recommend removing unneeded files and directories or moving them to your /scratch directory until no longer needed.  Remember /scratch files are purged regularly per NREL’s HPC storage retention policies.