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Reminder: NREL HPC Login Node Etiquette

April 03, 2019

Below is common etiquette you should follow to avoid getting into trouble on Eagle and/or Peregrine:

  • Please do not run your intensive computations or applications on login nodes as you are likely sharing them with dozens of other users who will notice the degradation in responsiveness and notify HPC Operations. If you need to run arbitrary commands in real time before making a batch job, please see the Interactive Jobs page. NREL HPC systems are comprised of thousands of non-login "compute nodes" which are dedicated to running your applications.
  • Your /home directory has an enforced capacity of 50GB on Eagle / 40 GB on Peregrine and should only store utility files, not data for jobs. Please use /scratch and /projects accordingly for job data, as you will get much faster file-manipulation throughput on those filesystems. See Eagle's System Configuration for more information on the intended usage of each of Eagle's mountpoints.

For demonstrations of Eagle's Slurm functionality and sample batch scripts, see Running Jobs on Eagle and its child pages.