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Intended Use of /projects and /scratch

May 11, 2020

/projects and /scratch are shared resource for Eagle. We encourage users to review the published Shared Storage Usage Policy.

/projects is intended to be used by approved Eagle allocated projects to contain only critical information and programs necessary for the project to succeed, up to the capacity approved by the allocation request in Lex (<Lex project number>/award/).  It is recommended that critical information in /projects be regularly copied to the Mass Storage System (MSS). We anticipate that quotas matching approved allocations for /projects will be implemented in the near future.

To see a project's usage on Eaglefs, you can run the following command substituting your project name for csc000:

grep csc000 /projects/projects-usage 

csc000 36712244752 121707

The first number is the total space used in kilobytes and the second number is the total number of directories and files used (inodes), e.g. project csc000 has used 36.7 TBs of space and 121,707 inodes on Eaglefs /projects.

For project files that are shared among several approved projects, the /shared-projects subdirectory is intended for efficient sharing of files that may be updated, but does not impact their individual /projects' allocations.  The /datasets subdirectory is intended for fixed, shared data that is not updated by anyone other than the owner.

/scratch is intended for storage space and performance necessary for Eagle jobs to run successfully.  Users should utilize /scratch for their Eagle jobs, then move only results they need for their projects to their /projects subdirectories. Currently, /scratch files not accessed in 60 days are purged.

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