HPC FY23 Allocation Report Requests

Aug. 3, 2023

If your team had or has an HPC project allocation running during FY23, a yearly progress report is required, regardless whether there were several or no planned publications or other outcomes this fiscal year. Your report is due on August 31, 2023, and if your project used both HPC and Stratus Cloud, only one report is required. No FY24 resources in HPC or Stratus Cloud may be utilized until the FY23 report is received. These were requested via an email from HPC-Reporting@nrel.gov.  The templates you provide for the PowerPoint (if needed) and Word doc  should be saved under the project handle name and attached as a 'reply all' to the email you received, and sent to HPC-Reporting@nrel.gov. Please help us stay on schedule by providing your report(s) early, if possible.

Please just reach out to hpc-requests@nrel.gov if you have allocation related questions.