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Here's how to get help in the NREL HPC Environment

October 04, 2019

cFor HPC users seeking general guidance with interacting and utilizing the Eagle cluster resources the best resource will be navigating to the NREL HPC web page.

Here you will find multiple pages providing information and system updates. If you navigate to the ‘Training’ link there is a calendar providing dates and locations for Office Hours which we encourage you to come to and request assistance from available HPC operations and Eagle administration staff. On the Training page you will also see links to Tutorials and Guides at our GitHub repository. There are many resources available here including some basics of bash, Slurm and links to workshops that have been presented. The workshops provide valuable information on Slurm job construction and Eagle system parameters. The workshop presentations are also linked at the bottom of the Training page with downloadable pdfs.

For general assistance we ask that HPC users navigate to the ‘Contact Us’ link on the NREL HPC web page and complete the online request fields with as much supporting information as possible. This online request creates a Ticket in our service support platform that we can track, collaborate and respond to support questions.

On the NREL HPC web page, users can also navigate to the Help tab, where information is provided for HPC Help email contact, direct HPC Help Hotline (303-384-6100) and FAQ’s are available. We encourage you to reference these resources, such as the FAQ’s, whenever you come across a question, as it may be answered here.

As always, we would like your feedback so that we can provide the highest level of support possible.