FY23 HPC Allocation Requests Process Status

Oct. 16, 2022

FY23 HPC Allocation Requests Process Status. Please review this letter, provided  August 24, 2022 by email, to project teams which submitted an FY23 HPC allocation.

Dear HPC Users:

Many of you have been asking for updates on FY23 Allocations on Eagle and Kestrel. NREL is working closely with EERE management on the allocations process, and we have a few updates.

Because the CPU portion of Kestrel is expected to be available mid-year, it is very likely that most projects will receive their requested computational time. In many cases, EERE projects are likely to receive allocations in line with the request that allow projects to perform the best possible science, as given in the “Max” AU request.

Allocations this year will be split between Eagle and Kestrel. Most of you indicated a minimum portion of your allocation to run on Eagle, and we will do our best to honor that request. However, computational time on Eagle will remain a relatively scarce resource compared to time on Kestrel, meaning it is likely that large projects will receive more of their time on Kestrel compared to Eagle.

Because we have a large mid-year resource increase, you are likely to receive more of your allocation in Q3 and Q4 than you would in a normal year. We recommend you keep in mind that you will have more computational resources available in Q3 and Q4 in project planning, and in setting milestones with the Department of Energy.   

Many of you have also asked about when decisions will be announced. Because the Department of Energy tries to ensure allocation decisions take funding decisions into account, EERE final allocation decisions will be made in September. Even if final decisions on allocations are delayed until after the start of FY23, funded projects should have access to Eagle, and the ability to run jobs, on October 1.

Please let me know if you have additional questions. 

Michael Martin
Pronouns: he/him/his
Staff Scientist | Computational Science Center

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
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