FY22 NREL HPC Annual Call for Allocation Requests

May 7, 2021

FY22 NREL HPC Annual Call for Allocation Requests ​

The National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) provides High Performance Computing and related capabilities to support the mission of the Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency, and Renewable Energy (EERE). Research and development projects that are funded by EERE Offices or aligned with the EERE mission are eligible to utilize these resources. ​

On behalf of EERE, NREL runs an annual open call for requests in which research and development projects can request use of a defined quantity, or allocation, of the compute resources at NREL. This email serves as the announcement of this call for allocation requests. The allocation period of performance runs from October 1, 2021 through September 30, 2022. ​

Resources to be allocated include 53 million "Allocation Units," or AUs, and 4 petabytes of shared data storage ("/projects"), and up to 5 petabytes of long-term data storage. Each AU corresponds to 1/3 of an Eagle Node-Hour. Eagle nodes have 36 Intel Xeon Gold Skylake 6154 3.0 GHz cores. ​

Additional information about Eagle is available here:

Additional information about Allocation Units is available here:

Allocations may be requested by completing the online Allocation request form, available here:

Users are encouraged to submit requests for projects where a proposal has been submitted or is pending, as well as ongoing projects. Requesting an allocation will not affect the funding status of any submitted or pending proposals.

Allocation requests must be completed and submitted by June 7, 2021. The latest version of the call, the request form and additional information may be found on the NREL HPC website:

FY22 NREL HPC Annual Call for Allocation Requests Webinar

NREL will host a webinar providing information on completing the allocation request at 1:00 PM Mountain Time on May 14. This webinar may be accessed at:

Meeting number: 199 707 3033
Password: May14webinar

When you first join the event, you can choose to connect your audio using your computer, by calling in, or by having Webex call you. You can later switch your audio source by clicking on “Audio & Video” in the top menu, then “Switch Audio…” As an attendee, you will be muted for the duration of the event. Questions and comments can be placed in the Chat or Q&A tab.

If you wish to call in to the event, call 1-510-210-8882 and enter the meeting number (199 707 3033) as an access code.