Eagle Fiscal Year Changeover

Oct. 16, 2022

The changeover from FY22 to FY23 will happen on Eagle at 12:00am on Saturday, October 1st.

No jobs may be currently scheduled on Eagle that would run past Friday, September 30th at 11:59pm. Any jobs pending in the queue for allocations continuing into FY23 will remain in place, and once the FY23 changeover has been completed, the queue will resume processing through Saturday and Sunday and short jobs may be submitted during this time, until the start of system time on October 3rd. Note that any jobs that start on or after October 1st will be charged to FY23, regardless of their submission date.

To prevent a job submitted during FY22 from running in FY23, submit with the --deadline flag or #SBATCH directive, e.g. "--deadline=2022-09-30T23:55". This flag can also be added to a pending job in the queue using "scontrol update jobid=<jobid> --deadline=<date/timestamp>" command. If the job won't finish before the time given by --deadline, it will automatically be removed from the queue.