CSC User & Applications Support

June 8, 2021

  • A new Anaconda installation is in testing, and will be put into production shortly. To access the test installation, as always just enable the Test modules collection via
    module use /nopt/nrel/apps/modules/test/modulefiles
    and you should then see a conda/4.9.2 module
  • Unlike with previous Anaconda installations, we have enabled the conda activate and conda deactivate syntax without requiring conda init (which creates "environmental" problems, something we're all against). The "source"ing syntax still works, but you now have the option to use either. Our hope is that enabling the conda commands will permit greater interoperability with scripts developed elsewhere (where conda activate may have worked), perhaps prove slightly faster, and eliminate awkward error messages.
    • This Conda deployment includes a new faster command for setting up new environments and installing packages. Instead of conda ..., you can try mamba ..., e.g., mamba install tensorflow
  • Other application upgrades have been or will be deployed shortly. If they are not already in production, you may access the installations via the module use statement above.
  • Application New Version:
    • ANSYS 2021R1
    • CMake 3.18.2
    • COMSOL 5.6
    • CUDA 11, includes cudnn and development tools and libraries
    • GAMS 34.3.0
    • MATLAB R2020b
    • MPT 2.23
    • OpenMPI 4.1.0, including Java support