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Avoiding password updating issues on the HPC systems

March 06, 2019

Avoiding password updating issues on the HPC systems:

General advice: Be diligent with using your password on the HPC systems correctly.

  • Don't save you password in a open area where it can be found by others.
  • Consider using a password safe application.
  • Don't wait until the last minute to update your password near the end of your expiration period.
  • Use strong or very strong passwords to enhance the security of our systems.
  • When creating a password, don't use common names, common words or user ID's.
  • Please use a combination of numbers, non-ASCII characters and keep the length of the password at 10 characters or more.
  • A user cannot duplicate a previously used password and once changed, the user cannot change it again until 24 hours have expired.
  • Lastly, please avoid using a number or non-ASCII character in the first or last position of the over all password.
  • Please reference the User Accounts/Passwords page on our website for any further questions.