Eagle login node etiquette

April 7, 2022

Eagle logins are shared resources that are heavily utilized. We have some controls in place to limit per user process use of memory and CPU that will ramp down your processes usage over time. We recommend any sustained heavy usage of memory and CPU take place on compute nodes, where these limits aren't in place. If you only need a node for an hour, nodes in the debug partition are available. We permit compiles and file operations on the logins, but discourage multi threaded operations or long, sustained operations against the file system. We cannot put the same limits on file system operations as memory and CPU, therefore if you slow the file system on the login node, you slow it for everyone on that login. Lastly, Fastx, the remote windowing package on the ED nodes, is a licensed product. When you are done using FastX, please log all the way out to ensure licenses are available for all users.