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Changing Quarterly Allocation Distribution, Requesting Increases, and Allocation Reductions

October 04, 2019

We received some feedback in our HPC Annual User Survey indicating some frustration with Use or Lose Policy for quarterly allocations as well as getting larger allocations mid-year. 

The way allocations are divided among quarters is decided by the HPC Principal Investigator.  You can change the division of allocation units (AUs) between the four quarters by having the HPC P.I. or HPC Lead send an email to

If you would like to request an increase in your allocation during the year, you may do so by having the HPC Lead or PI for the project will submit an allocation adjustment request via email to  If the AUs were allocated from the EERE pool, then HPC User Program lead or delegate sends request and relevant Office/Program reserve balance to the EERE Office/Program Allocation Authority for a decision.  If the AUs were allocated from the NREL Pool, then the HPC User Program lead or delegate sends the request and reserve information to SCEA ALD for decision at the weekly ALD meeting.  For more information please go to our website page Requesting an Increase

As far as quarterly reductions to the annual allocation, in FY 2020, shortly after Quarter 1, Quarter 2, and Quarter 3 end, allocations will be automatically adjusted to account for low utilization against planned usage.  Instead of "use or lose", there will be some percentage of the initial allocation amount removed from the remaining balance.  Changes to the spend plan should be communicated to us as early as possible.  For more information, please go to our website page Allocation Reductions.