Microgrids Peer Review 2000

The Electricity Microgrid R&D Program Peer Review was held June 911, 2020. Access presentations from the event below. 

The peer review brought together external subject matter experts to review projects to support effective program planning and management.

Overview of Microgrid R&D Program
Dan Ton, U.S. Department of Energy

Alaska St. Mary's: A Case Study in Advanced Power Electronics
Jack Flicker, Sandia National Laboratories 

Risk-Controlled Expansion Planning With Distributed Resources
Miguel Heleno, Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory

Advanced Protection Schemes for Microgrids
Travis Smith, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Advanced Protection System for Microgrids
Matthew Reno, Sandia National Laboratories

Critical Infrastructure Resilience Technical Assistance
Robert Broderick, Sandia National Laboratories

Resilient Operations of Networked Microgrids
Russell Bent, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Resilient Electric Distribution Grid R&D
Kevin Schneider, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Enhancing the Resiliency of a Cyber-Microgrid System; Microgrid Building Blocks
Chen-Ching Liu, Virginia Tech University

Microgrid Building Block
Chen-Ching Liu, Igor Cvetkovic and Dushan Boroyevich, Virginia Tech University

Self-Healing Microgrids
Scott Samuelsen, Breyah Matthews and Jennifer Lee, University of California Irvine

NERC SPIDERWG Support – Studies of System Planning Impacts From Distributed Energy Resources Using TDcosim
Kathrikeyan Balasubramaniam, Argonne National Laboratory

US-India Collaborative for Smart Distribution System With Storage
Noel Schulz, Washington State University


Murali Baggu

Laboratory Program Manager, Grid Integration