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International Data

These datasets detail solar and wind resources for select international locations.

These datasets are designed to be used in GIS software applications.

Geospatial Toolkit

The Geospatial Toolkit is an NREL-developed map-based software application that offers resource data and other geographic information system (GIS) data for integrated resource assessment.

Solar Data

These data provide monthly average and annual average daily total solar resource averaged over surface cells of approximately 10 km by 10 km.

Geographic Coordinate System Name: GCS_WGS_1984
Coverage File Last Updated Metadata
India 10-km Annual Direct Normal and Global Horizontal Zip 3.98 MB 04/25/2013 Annual.xml
India 10-km Monthly Direct Normal and Global Horizontal Zip 4.68 MB 04/25/2013 Monthly.xml

Wind Data

50-m Wind Data

These 50-m hub-height datasets have been validated by NREL and wind energy meteorological consultants. However, the data are not suitable for micro-siting potential development projects.

Geographic Coordinate System Name: WGS_1984
Coverage File Last Updated Metadata
Afghanistan Pakistan Wind 50-m Resolution Zip 6.1 MB 02/19/2009 Afghanistan Pakistan.htm
Armenia Wind 50-m Resolution Zip 804 KB 02/19/2009 Armenia.htm
Bhutan Wind 50-m Resolution Zip 1.5 MB 02/19/2009 Bhutan.htm
Central America Wind 50-m Resolution (includes Belize, Cayman Islands, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua Zip 2.4 MB 02/19/2009 Central America.htm
Chile Wind 50-m Resolution Zip 2.0 MB 02/19/2009 Chile.htm
China Wind 50-m Resolution Zip 19.3 MB 02/19/2009 China.htm
Cuba Wind 50-m Resolution Zip 1.5 MB 02/19/2009 Cuba.htm
Dominican Republic Wind 50-m Resolution Zip 1.6 MB 02/19/2009 Dominican Republic.htm
Ghana Wind 50-m Resolution Zip 0.55 MB 02/19/2009 Ghana.htm
Indonesia Wind 50-m Resolution Zip 1.3 MB 02/19/2009 Indonesia.htm
Mexico Wind 50-m Resolution Zip 6.38 MB 02/19/2009 Mexico.htm
Mongolia Wind 50-m Resolution Zip 26.2 MB 02/19/2009 Mongolia.htm
Russian Federation Wind 50-m Resolution Zip 5.4 MB 02/19/2009 Russian Federation.htm
Sri Lanka Wind 50-m Resolution Zip 1.8 MB 02/19/2009 Sri Lanka.htm
United Arab Emirates Wind 50-m Resolution Zip 3.6 MB 02/19/2009 United Arab Emirates.htm

Other Wind Data

Our Philippines wind resource data includes geo-referenced wind resource and climatology at heights of 30 m, 50 m, 80 m, 100 m, 140 m, and 200 m.

Additional Resources

The Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment provides easy access to high-quality renewable energy resource information and data to users around the world. SWERA products include geographic information systems and time series data, along with links to energy optimization tools needed to apply these data.