The temperature is calculated at the midpoint depth and at the center of each cell.  The data used is from the AAPG bottom hole temperature measurement dataset that includes more than 27,000 data points for the United States. The points are corrected using the Kehle correction up to 3,930 m and a linear correction for greater depths. The programming environment, MATLAB, is used to calculate midpoint temperature. First a Delaunay triangulation of the scattered data locations of the BHT points is completed with inputs of xBHT, yBHT, zBHT, and the corrected temperature. Next, a linear interpolation in the 3D space to the midpoint locations (xmidpoint, ymidpoint, zmidpoint) is completed. If a point in the area of interest of the formation lies outside of the coverage region of the bottom hole temperature data available in either the x, y, or z plane (i.e. returning an error in the interpolation), then temperature at that x,y,z is determined based upon a calculated temperature gradient with depth from the nearest 100 BHT data points.




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