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Integrating PV in Distributed Grids: Solutions and Technologies Workshop

In October 2015, NREL's Energy Systems Integration team hosted a workshop on ways to safely integrate more photovoltaics (PV) onto the grid.

The workshop was held at the Energy Systems Integration Facility. Presenters from industry, vendors, academia, NREL, and the U.S. Department of Energy participated in the workshops, bringing a broad perspective to the discussions. Below are presentations from this workshop.

October 22, 2015: High-Penetration PV Integration in Distribution Systems

Welcome and Overview of Grid Modernization Initiative at DOE
Kevin Lynn, Director, Grid Modernization, U.S. Department of Energy

Opening Keynote — SunShot Systems Integration: Enabling Ubiquitous Solar
Minh Le, Departing Director of the SunShot Initiative, Solar Energy Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Keynote — A View from Hawaii
Ken Fong, Manager — Transmission & Distribution Planning Department, Hawaiian Electric Company

Panel Session: PV Integration Solutions from a Utility Perspective
Moderator: Dr. Barry Mather, Senior Engineer, NREL

Model-Based Integrated High Penetration Renewables Planning and Control Analysis
Steve Steffel, Manager, Distributed Energy Resources Planning and Analytics, & Amrita Acharya-Menon, Electrical Engineer, Pepco Holdings, Inc.; Dr. Jason Bank, Principal Engineer, Electrical Distribution Design

High Solar Penetration Issues and Approaches
Mark Howard, Technology Evaluation Manager, Duke Energy

Arizona Public Service Company (APS) Solar Partner Program
Sanket Adhikari, Program Consultant, Technology Innovation, Arizona Public Service

Panel Session: PV Integration Research Results
Moderator: Dr. Bryan Palmintier, Senior Engineer, NREL

Distributed PV Integration Research Projects and Demonstrations
Tom Bialek, Chief Engineer, San Diego Gas & Electric

Distribution Planning with DER: Distribution System-Wide Impact Assessment Methods
Jeff Smith, Manager — Power System Studies, EPRI

PV Integration and the 'Sunshine State': Results, Tools, and Opportunities
Rick Meeker, President/Principal Engineer, Nhu Energy

Utility-Scale Distribution-Connected PV in Southern California: Modeling and Field Demonstration Results
Dr. Barry Mather, Senior Engineer, NREL

Breakout Sessions: Future Research Needs to Enable Increased PV Penetration
Dr. Barry Mather, Sonja Berdahl, Julieta Giraldez, NREL

October 23, 2015: Advanced Inverter Requirements & Testing

Welcome and Energy Systems Integration Facility Overview
Dr. Martha Symko-Davies, Director of Partnerships, Energy Systems Integration, NREL

Panel Session: New Requirements for Advanced Inverters
Moderator: Dr. Sudipta Chakraborty, Principal Engineer, NREL

Advanced Inverter Status, CA & HI
John Berdner, Director of Global Regulatory Compliance, Enphase Energy

New Requirements for Advanced Inverters in Hawaii
Ken Fong, Manager — Transmission & Distribution Planning Department, Hawaiian Electric Company

DER Interconnection Requirements: Need for Harmonization
Dr. Aminul Huque, Technical Leader — Integration of Distributed Energy Resources, EPRI

Panel Session: Research Needs for Advanced Inverters
Moderator: Blake Lundstrom, Research Electrical Engineer, NREL

Integrating DERs on the Grid: Inverter Transient Overvoltage
Frances Bell, Senior Power Systems Engineer, SolarCity

Certifying DERs for the Grid: Utility Scale Inverter Testing
Dr. Soonwook Hong, Power Systems Engineer, Solectria

Testing Distributed PV as Part of a Larger Electric System
Andy Hoke, Research Engineer, NREL