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Frontiers in Distributed Optimization and Control of Sustainable Power Systems Workshop

In January 2016, NREL's energy systems integration team hosted a workshop on frontiers in distributed optimization and control of sustainable power systems.

The broader objective of the workshop was to address challenges in distributed control and optimization of future power systems within the context of developing a system-level understanding of emerging paradigms. An additional aim of the workshop was to promote the cross-fertilization of recent findings, advance foundational science for next-generation power systems, and facilitate technology-to-market transfer and industry adoption.

Presenters from industry, academia, national laboratories, and the U.S. Department of Energy participated in the workshop at the Energy Systems Integration Facility. Below are presentations from the workshop.

January 27, 2016

Precise Mass-Market Energy Demand Management Through Stochastic Distributed Computing for a Sustainable Energy Future
Alex Papalexopoulos, ECCO International Inc

Online Learning and Management of Future Power Grid
Georgios B. Giannakis, University of Minnesota

Distributed Control of Inverter-Based Power Grids
John Simpson-Porco, University of Waterloo

NREL Power System Research
Benjamin Kroposki, NREL

Efficient Decentralized Coordination of Large-Scale Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging
Ian Hiskens, University of Michigan

Nonlinear Oscillators and Self-Organizing Power Electronics Systems
Brian Johnson, NREL

Representing Storage and Demand Response in Power System Operations
Josh A. Taylor, University of Toronto

The Zero-Marginal Cost Power Grid
Sean Meyn, University of Florida

January 28, 2016

Challenges and Opportunities to Apply Distributed Technologies for Managing a Modern Electrical Grid
Kwok Cheung, GE

Online Optimization for Power Networks
Steven Low, California Institute of Technology

Pursuing Optimality in Next-Generation Distribution Systems
Emiliano Dall'Anese, NREL

Power Divider
Sairaj Dhople, University of Minnesota

DOE SunShot Systems Integration R&D Program Overview
Guohui Yuan, U.S. Department of Energy

Distributed Control of Large Numbers of Power System Resources
Jakob Stoustrup, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Machine Learning for the Grid
Michael Chertkov, Los Alamos National Laboratory