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Advanced Grid Control Technologies Workshop Series

In July 2015, NREL's energy systems integration team hosted workshops on advanced distribution management systems (ADMS) and microgrid controls.

The workshops were held at the Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF) and included a technology showcase featuring projects conducted at the ESIF and tours of the ESIF and the National Wind Technology Center.

Presenters from industry, vendors, academia, NREL, and the U.S. Department of Energy participated in the workshops, bringing valuable insight and perspective to the discussions. Below are presentations from these workshops.

July 7, 2015: Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS)

Welcome and NREL Overview
Dr. Murali Baggu, Manager, Distributed Power Systems, NREL

Opening Keynote
Eric Lightner, Director, Federal Smart Grid Task Force, Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability, U.S. Department of Energy

Keynote: Next-Generation Distribution Management Systems and Distributed Resource Energy Management Systems
Dr. S.S. (Mani) Venkata, Principal Scientist and Director of Distributed Energy Resources Research and Development, Alstom Grid

Panel Session: Implementing Advanced Functionalities of Distribution Management SystemsUtility Experience and Perspectives
Avista's Distribution Management System Infrastructure for a DERMS Grid
John Gibson, Manager of Distribution System Operations, Avista

Implementing Advanced Functions in DMSDuke Energy Experience and Perspectives
Leslie Ponder, Technology Review Consultant, Duke Energy

OMS/DMS Implementation at SDG&E
Tom Bialek, Chief Engineer, San Diego Gas & Electric

Panel Session: Using Advanced Functionalities for Automated Grid Control
The Future of Automated Grid Control: Smart Grid and Beyond
John McDonald, Director, Technical Strategy and Policy Development, General Electric

From Situational Awareness to Closed-Loop Control
Scott Koehler, Vice President of Global Strategy—Smart Grid IT, Schneider Electric

Advanced Functionalities of an Integrated Distribution Management System
Ethan Boardman, Director of Business Development—IDMS, Alstom Grid

July 8, 2015: Energy Systems Integration Technology Showcase

Opening Keynote: Overview of the Grid Modernization Initiative
Kevin Lynn, Lead, Energy Systems Integration, U.S. Department of Energy

Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF)
Dr. James Cale, Manager, Distributed Energy Systems Integration Group, NREL

Super Session: Testing and Evaluation at the ESIF
Brian Hunter, ESIF User Program Project Leader, NREL

Advanced Distribution Management Systems
Dr. Murali Baggu, NREL

Michael Simpson, Systems Engineer, NREL

Energy Storage
Matthew Keyser, Section Supervisor, Testing and Validation/Senior Engineer, NREL

Electric Vehicle Charging
Tony Markel, Task Lead, Electric Vehicle Grid Integration/Senior Engineer, NREL

July 9, 2015: Microgrid Controls and Management Systems

Opening Keynote
Dan Ton, Program Manager, Smart Grid R&D, Office of Electricity Delivery & Energy Reliability, U.S. Department of Energy

Panel Session: Microgrid Controls and Management Systems—Functional Requirements, Standards, and Testing
Standards for Microgrid Controller Specifications and Testing
James Reilly, Consultant, Reilly Associates

Microgrid Controller Requirements and Relationship with DMS
Arindam Maitra, Senior Project Manager, EPRI

Experience in Microgrid Testing at NREL
Gregory Martin, Electrical Engineer, and Mariko Shirazi, Electrical Engineer, NREL

Panel Session: Microgrid Controls and Management Systems Implementation—Owner Perspective
CERTS Microgrid Research and Lessons Learned
Dr. Robert Lasseter, Emeritus Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Utility Role in Microgrids
Dr. Tom Bialek, Chief Engineer, San Diego Gas & Electric

Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Energy Program and Microgrid: An Operational Perspective on Military Microgrids and Application for Energy Security, Renewables, Efficiency, and Ethos
Mick Wasco, Energy Program Manager, MCAS Miramar

Fort Carson Microgrid Demonstration Project: User's Perspective
Vince Guthrie, Utility Programs Manager, Fort Carson (SPIDERS)

Panel Session: Microgrid Controls and Management Systems Design and Development Vendor Perspective
Alstom Microgrid System for Philadelphia Navy Yard
Dr. Jayant Kumar, Director of Smart Grid Programs, Alstom Grid

Perspectives on Design and Development of Microgrid Management Systems
Dr. Santosh Veda, Power Systems Engineer, General Electric