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User Access Calls for Proposals

The Energy Systems Integration Facility’s (ESIF’s) user access program issues calls for proposals throughout the year. 

ESIF's Annual User Call

NREL’s Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF) is a designated U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) user facility. The 182,500-ft2 ESIF provides state-of-the-art laboratory and support infrastructure to optimize the design and performance of electrical, thermal, fuel, and information technologies and systems at scale.

The ESIF is DOE’s first user facility that can conduct integrated megawatt-scale research, development, and demonstration of the components and strategies needed to safely and seamlessly integrate clean energy technologies into our existing energy infrastructure.

The annual user call for proposals is open through the extended deadline of September 1, 2017, for projects focused on advancing grid modernization, energy systems integration, and renewable generation.

Allocation decisions are anticipated to be made in October 2017, and recipients of accepted proposals will be granted access to the ESIF’s capabilities beginning as early as November 2017. Accepted proposals are valid for two years, provided that a summary and extension request demonstrates sufficient progress toward the first year’s stated goals.

Proposals are due by September 1, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time.

Note to NREL Staff: NREL staff must complete the “short form” of the Resource Allocation Request Form (click on link in Step 2) to request ESIF lab space and/or equipment in FY18. Projects that are part of an existing DOE proposal will not be re-evaluated for merit and alignment under this User Call. DOE staff will confirm ESIF projects when funding decisions are made for FY18.

To Apply:

Step 1: Review the ESIF Annual User Call solicitation 

Step 2: Fill out the ESIF Resource Allocation Request Form  

Step 3: Submit your request on the application portal.  

Prior to submission, please review the Non-Proprietary User Agreement and Proprietary User Agreement. Questions can be directed to