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NREL, Mercedes-Benz Optimizing Refueling Experience for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

NREL is working with Mercedes-Benz to optimize the customer refueling experience for fuel cell electric vehicles.

Photo of a Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-CELL hydrogen vehicle next to a fueling station

With fuel cell electric vehicles now hitting the market, consumers will have to adjust to a different refueling experience than with gasoline, and some people may be anxious about refueling with hydrogen. NREL is using the Energy Systems Integration Facility's Hydrogen Infrastructure Testing and Research Facility to examine the refueling experience for the Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-CELL vehicle, a fuel cell electric vehicle that runs on hydrogen.

Multiple employees of NREL and the Alliance for Sustainable Energy, NREL's contract holder, are driving the vehicle as needed during the course of one year and recording their driving and refueling experiences. NREL researchers are gathering data from the hydrogen refueling station, combining it with the drivers' log records, and analyzing the combined information.

NREL's work focuses on refueling station performance and fueling protocols, with an eye toward optimizing the refueling station's customer interface, making the refueling experience simple and stress-free for future owners of fuel cell electric vehicles.