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Partner Johnson Controls' Thermosyphon, Tested at NREL, Featured at AHR Expo 2017

February 7, 2017

NREL partner Johnson Controls featured its hybrid cooling system at the recent AHR Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. NREL and Sandia National Laboratories collaborated with Johnson Controls to investigate the use of its thermosyphon—an advanced dry cooler that uses refrigerant in a passive cycle to dissipate heat—to reduce water consumption seen in evaporative cooling towers.

Thermosyphon installation at ESIF

The Johnson Controls thermosyphon cooler was modeled and installed upstream of the Energy Systems Integration Facility’s (ESIF’s) evaporative cooling towers to regulate temperatures of the ESIF’s high-performance computing (HPC) data center systems. Since the installation in August 2016, NREL has saved nearly 600,000 gallons of water to date without experiencing any negative impacts on the HPC data center’s efficiency.

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