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To optimize the way we use, produce, and deliver energy, NREL works with partners on transformative projects at its award-winning, state-of-the-art facilities.

We believe that with the right tools and the right team, great things can happen. With our combination of facilities and team of specialized scientists and engineers, there is no better place in the world for industry, government, and academic entities to join us in tackling today's energy systems integration challenges.

Featured Projects

Photo of researchers working with liquid cooling hardware in a laboratory

Advancing Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator Projects

Through technical support and validation testing, NREL has helped speed the path to market for Innovation Incubator (IN2) projects.

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Bethany Sparn using a communicating pool pump that can adjust its speed to provide grid services.

Completing Technology Demonstrations for INTEGRATE Project

Under the INTEGRATE project, five successful technology demonstrations are providing new solutions to today’s challenges in enabling the nation’s grid to handle greater amounts of renewable energy. 

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Also see A-Z partner list.

Partner  Research Category Project Partner Type
California Independent System Operator/First Solar Renewable Electricity to Grid Integration Demonstrate Utility-Scale Solar’s Ability to Provide Ancillary Services to the Grid Utility
IBM Renewable Electricity to Grid Integration Improving Solar Forecasting with Big Data Industry
Advanced Energy Renewable Electricity to Grid Integration Evaluation of New Technology IGBT Industry
Asetek High Performance Computing & Visualization Energy Performance Testing of Asetek’s RackCDU System Industry
California Energy Commission High Performance Computing & Visualization Real-Time Data Collection for Alternative Fueling Stations Utility
OMNETRIC Group Microgrids; Renewable Electricity to Grid Integration Open Field Message Bus Reference Architecture Demonstration Industry
Smarter Grid Solutions Smart Home & Building Systems Demonstrating Active Network Management Integration Industry
Electric Power Research Institute and Schneider Electric Renewable Electricity to Grid Integration End-to-End Communication and Control System to Support Clean Energy Technologies Industry
Toyota Vehicle to Grid Integration Integrating Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) into the Power Grid Industry
University of Delaware Vehicle to Grid Integration; INTEGRATE Demonstrating Vehicle-to-Grid Characteristics of Electric Vehicles University
Enphase Energy Renewable Electricity to Grid Integration Investigating Micro Inverter Islanding Detection Industry
The Hawaiian Electric Companies Renewable Electricity to Grid Integration Advanced Inverter Pilot; Technical Analysis for Power Supply Improvement Plan Utility
SolarCity and the Hawaiian Electric Companies Renewable Electricity to Grid Integration Study into high penetrations of photovoltaics Utility
Electric Power Research Institute Microgrids HIL Evaluation of Grid Interactive Microgrid Controller for Resilient Communities   Industry
Florida Power & Light Renewable Electricity to Grid Integration Modeling Simulation of Feeder Lines or Inverter Testing Utility
Technical University of Denmark Renewable Electricity to Grid Integration; Microgrids; Smart Home & Building Systems Centre for IT-Intelligent Energy Systems in Cities (CITIES) Project University
Whisker Labs Smart Home & Building Systems; IN2 Technical Evaluation of Power Meter Technology Industry
CSIRO Renewable Electricity to Grid Integration; Microgrids Plug & Play Solar Power: Simplifying the Integration of Solar Energy in Hybrid Applications Industry
Google Renewable Electricity to Grid Integration The Google High Power Density Inverter Prize: Innovation in PV Inverter Power Density Industry
Caterpillar, Inc. Microgrids Microgrid Assessment and Inverter Development Industry
Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) Renewable Electricity to Grid Integration Remote Connection between Netherlands and ESIF Government
General Motors Vehicle to Grid Integration Fuel Cell Material and Manufacturing Development Industry
Bonneville Power Administration Smart Home & Building Systems DC Home Battery System Utility
Bosch Smart Home & Building Systems Connected Home Study Industry
Johnson Controls High Performance Computing & Visualization Thermosyphon Cooler Hybrid System for Water Savings in ESIF's HPC Data Center Industry
Dispersive Technologies Cybersecurity & Resilience Lab Implementation DVN Solution Industry
Intuitive Machines Cybersecurity & Resilience Develop Test Plan, Marketing, and Deployment of Cybersecurity System Industry
3M Renewable Fuels to Grid Integration Study into the effects of polymer degradation products on the oxygen reduction reaction Industry
Proton OnSite Renewable Fuels to Grid Integration Renewable Electrolysis System Development Industry
Southern California Gas Battery & Thermal Energy Storage; Renewable Fuels-to-Grid Integration Demonstrating First Carbon-Free, Power-to-Gas System in U.S. for Grid-Scale Storage Utility
Wyle Microgrids CUBE: A Mobile Hybrid Power System for Forward Operating Bases U.S. Military
American Vanadium Battery & Thermal Energy Storage, Microgrids, Cybersecurity & Resilience Performance Testing of the American Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Industry
Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition Renewable Fuels to Grid Integration Technical Assistance for Fuel Cell Supply Chain Development Industry
Duke Energy Renewable Electricity to Grid Integration Grid Voltage Regulation Study Utility
Clemson University Renewable Electricity to Grid Integration NREL-Clemson CRADA for dynamometer testing of wind turbine drive-trains University
W.E.B. Aruba N.V. Renewable Electricity to Grid Integration Dynamic analysis of WEB ARUBA grid for 100% renewable roadmap Government
San Diego Gas & Electric Microgrids Validating Performance of Utility’s Microgrid Controller with Advanced Functionality Utility
BPA/Bosch Smart Home & Building Systems; Battery & Thermal Energy Storage Optimizing Home Automation Systems with Precise Energy Storage Methods and Modeling Industry
Cogent Microgrids; Renewable Fuels-to-Grid Integration Demonstrating Waste-to-Energy Technology for Microgrids Industry
Panasonic Microgrids; High Performance Computing and Visualization Development of Transit-Oriented Peña Station NEXT District Industry
iUnit Smart Home & Building Systems Design for Net Zero Multifamily Construction Industry