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Power Systems Integration Laboratory

Research in the Energy System Integration Facility's Power Systems Integration Laboratory focuses on the development and testing of large-scale distributed energy systems for grid-connected, standalone, and microgrid applications.

Photo of engineers testing an inverter in the Power Systems Integration Laboratory.

Key Infrastructure and Services

  • 8,600 square foot working space, enough for three 40-ft. and three 20-ft. shipping containers
  • 30-foot. high ceilings
  • 30-foot. high overhead roll-up doors
  • In-floor carbon monoxide exhaust system
  • 100-gallon diesel storage tank
  • 250 and 1600 AC and DC Research Electrical Distribution Bus (REDB) connections
  • 1-MW grid simulator
  • Opal-RT Real-Time Digital Simulator, with access to hardware-in-the-loop capabilities
  • 1.5-MW photovoltaic simulator
  • 250-kW bi-directional battery simulator
  • Chilled and hot water thermal connections
  • Natural gas supply and connections
  • Microgrid switch and master controller

Types of Research

  • Development of control algorithms for power electronics to enhance grid stability and reliability with direct response, including variable renewables imparting bi-directional flow on distribution feeders
  • Simulation or replay of grid conditions for development and evaluation of advanced power system components and systems that can provide new grid services
  • Development and evaluation of optimal dispatch algorithms and cyber-secure communication interfaces
  • Electrical interconnection testing, applying IEEE 1547 and UL 1741 standards, and performance validation of advanced designs prior to construction or deployment

Recent Projects

Developing consolidated utility base energy system with Wyle

Validating Google's Little Box Challenge entries

Addressing the challenges of high penetration PV on the grid with SolarCity and HECO

Validating advanced microgrid control solutions with CSIRO

Developing advanced inverters with Advanced Energy and Solectria

Development of Microgrid Research Platform

Assessing Caterpillar's grid-stabilizing inverter

Evaluating Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS)

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