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Power Systems Integration Laboratory

Research in the Energy System Integration Facility's Power Systems Integration Laboratory focuses on the development and testing of large-scale distributed energy systems for grid-connected, standalone, and microgrid applications.

Photo of engineers testing an inverter in the Power Systems Integration Laboratory.

Capability Hubs

The Power Systems Integration Laboratory offers the following capabilities.

Small Multi-Device Power Hardware in the Loop

The small multi-device power hardware in the loop hub contains multiple hardware-mounting points with real-time computational simulation hardware and a 45-kVA grid simulator for isolated testing of distribution grids containing small photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage system inverters.

Key Infrastructure

Grid simulator, load bank, Opal-RT, battery, inverter mounting racks, data acquisition

Large Microgrids

The large microgrids hub offers focused testing of remote grid-tied and islanded microgrids containing diesel generators, PV, energy storage, and managed loads.

Key Infrastructure

House power, diesel exhaust, research electrical distribution bus (REDB) access, battery, natural gas supply

Advanced Large-Inverter Testing

On the north side of the Power Systems Integration Laboratory, large grid and PV simulation AC and DC power supplies are positioned in close proximity to an open floor plan focused on testing and integrating central plant inverters for advanced functions such as volt-VAR, frequency-watt, and grid anomaly ride-through.

Key Infrastructure

House power, Opal-RT, PV simulator access, REDB access, grid simulator, analog control access

Recent Research

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