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Outdoor Testing Areas

The Energy Systems Integration Facility's outdoor testing areas allow utilities and researchers to evaluate electrical distribution-level equipment.

Photo of engineers running tests on plug-in hybrid electric vehicles at the Medium-Voltage Outdoor Test Area.

Capability Hubs

The outdoor testing areas offer the following capabilities.

Large Microgrids

The large microgrids hub, located in the outdoor low-voltage test yard, includes underground trench access for power connections to research electrical distribution bus (REDB) connection boards for integrated testing of outdoor microgrid switchgear and distributed energy resources.

Key Infrastructure

Diesel generators, microturbines, secured outdoor pads, house power


The flywheel hub includes underground pits for full enclosure of rotating machinery under test.

Key Infrastructure

Secured underground pits

Plug-In Vehicle Interactions/Networks

The plug-in vehicle interactions/networks hub offers parking and Level 2 charging infrastructure for up to 12 plug-in electric vehicles on a reconfigurable distribution circuit.

Key Infrastructure

Parking space, 12 vehicle charging stations, networked data acquisition, medium voltage access, REDB access, residential transformers

Medium-Voltage Electrical Equipment

The large outdoor medium-voltage test yard hosts the medium-voltage electrical equipment hub, which contains underground cable trenches and overhead utility poles for testing of distribution voltage (13.2 kV nominal) transformers, capacitors banks, and distributed energy resources.

Key Infrastructure

Medium-voltage access, REDB access, secured outdoor pads, medium-voltage equipment poles, networked data acquisition

Large-Scale Energy Storage

The large-scale outdoor equipment hub offers space for testing of containerized industrial or commercial distributed energy resources.

Key Infrastructure

House power, secured outdoor pads, REDB access

Recent Research