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Optical Characterization Laboratory

The Energy Systems Integration Facility's Optical Characterization Laboratory provides state-of-the-art characterization and testing capabilities for assessing the optical surface quality and optical performance of solar photovoltaic and concentrating solar power technologies.

Photo of a researcher testing a CSP receiver test stand in the Optical Characterization Laboratory.

Capability Hubs

The Optical Characterization Laboratory offers the following capabilities.

Solar Thermal Calibration

The Optical Characterization Laboratory includes equipment for the characterization of reflective and refractive surfaces as well as collectors for solar thermal energy generation to enable the study of increasingly stable (less intermittent) sources of renewable energy.

Key Infrastructure

Floor space

Environmental Characterization

The Optical Characterization Laboratory's environmental characterization hub offers high-temperature/humidity thermal chambers for small to medium distributed energy resources.

Key Infrastructure

Thermal/insolation chambers

Small Microgrids and Large Commercial Loads

A large open space for isolated and integrated testing of typical commercial and industrial distributed energy resources with associated communications and controls exists in the small microgrids and large commercial loads hub.

Key Infrastructure

Floor space

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