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Energy Systems Integration Facility Insight Center

Located adjacent to the Energy System Integration Facility's High Performance Computing Data Center, the Insight Center uses advanced visualization technology to provide on-site and remote viewing of experimental data, high-resolution visual imagery, and large-scale simulation data.

Photo of researchers studying data on a 3-D power system profile depicting the interaction of renewable energy resources on the grid.


The Insight Center offers the following capabilities:

  • Analysis of large-scale simulations, ensembles of simulations, and highly detailed visual analytics displays
  • Exploration of and interaction with complex data in new ways that promote and accelerate understanding and innovation.

Key Infrastructure

Stereoscopic immersive virtual environment composed of six projectors that illuminate two surfaces—a wall and the floor—that can be used in conjunction with an optical tracker; large, rear-projected, 14-megapixel image display in meeting space.

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Recent Research

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