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High-Performance Computing Data Center

The Energy Systems Integration Facility's High-Performance Computing Data Center is home to Peregrine—the largest high-performance computing system in the world exclusively dedicated to advancing renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

Photo of the Peregrine supercomputer.

Peregrine is part of the world's most energy-efficient data center, thanks to an innovative warm-water direct component-level liquid cooling system designed by HPE and NREL.

In 2018, NREL acquired its latest supercomputer, Eagle. As a replacement for Peregrine, the new system was installed in summer 2018 and will be put into production use in January 2019. Learn more about Eagle.


The peak performance of Peregrine is approximately 2.24 petaflops, or 2.24 million billion floating point (mathematical) operations per second, placing Peregrine among the 50 fastest computers in the world.

Key Infrastructure

Peregrine is composed of 2,592 interconnected "compute nodes" with 58,752 of Intel Xeon processors. Another 288 accelerated compute nodes use Intel Phi Many Integrated Core co-processors that provide faster computation. The compute nodes in Peregrine are interconnected using a very high-speed (56 Gb/sec) InfiniBand network. Peregrine runs the Linux Operating system and has a dedicated high-performance parallel Lustre file system with about 2.25 petabytes of online file storage.

Learn more about NREL’s HPC facilities.

Recent Research

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