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Fuel Cell Development and Test Laboratory

The Energy System Integration Facility's Fuel Cell Development and Test Laboratory supports fuel cell research and development projects through in-situ fuel cell testing.

Photo of a researcher running a fuel cell test in the Fuel Cell Development and Test Laboratory.

Key Infrastructure and Services

  • Full-size fuel cell stack test station
  • Multiple single-cell fuel cell testing stations
  • Spatial testing capability using 121-channel segmented cell system or multi-channel potentiostat
  • Calibration equipment, using standards in accordance with or exceeding the U.S. Fuel Cell Council standards
  • Multiple test gas manifolds
  • Hydrogen exhaust
  • Electrolyzer test stands

Types of Research

  • Supporting single and full stack testing for a variety of fuel cell types, including Proton Exchange Membrane, Direct Methanol, Phosphoric Acid, Anion Exchange
  • Catalyst development for use in membrane electrode assembly research
  • Evaluating contaminants as a result of testing fuel cells
  • Validating the durability of fuel cell technologies