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Electrical Characterization Laboratory

In the Energy Systems Integration Facility's Electrical Characterization Laboratory, researchers test the ability of electrical equipment to withstand high-voltage surges and high-current faults. A control room provides a safe location for researchers and video links to the test area.

Photo of a researcher measuring electrical characteristics that emulate the characteristics of distribution lines in power systems.

Key Infrastructure and Services

  • 1,500 square-foot space with a separate control room and exterior entrance
  • Dedicated controllable HVAC system, which offers temperature control over an extended range
  • Electrical service and testing area designed to be Class 1-, Division 2-approved
  • Controlled access and secure location for classified or proprietary equipment
  • AC and DC connections to ESIF's Research Electrical Distribution Bus (REDB)
  • Thermal bus connections
  • House hydrogen
  • Natural gas and compressed air

Types of Research

  • Testing of electrical equipment to meet specific surge capabilities (e.g., lightning strikes, voltage surges, arc flashes)
  • Testing new, unproven, or potentially hazardous equipment for robust safety assessment prior to use in other ESIF labs, especially hydrogen equipment
  • Evaluation of proprietary or sensitive equipment in a controlled and secure environment