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Energy Systems Integration Facility Control Room

The Energy Systems Integration Facility control room allows system engineers to configure and monitor experiments across laboratories and research infrastructure. It also serves as the monitoring point for the facility's integrated safety and control systems.

Photo of employees working in the Energy Systems Integration Facility control room.

Key Infrastructure and Services

  • Video wall made of 18 micro-seam monitors measuring 24 x 7 feet
  • Screens that can be configured in many different views and sizes to accommodate research activities, including simulation views, data acquisition and scopes, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) monitoring and operational awareness
  • Integrated camera system across the ESIF to monitor labs, activity, and experiments 24/7
  • Controllable cameras capable of providing situational awareness and enhanced safety
  • Expanded access to SCADA controls and monitoring for centralized operations of large system experiments
  • Laboratory safety panel monitoring provides quick viewing and diagnosis of alarms and safety notifications
  • Direct monitoring of key parameters like voltage, current, and/or temperature using scopes, probes, or data acquisition instruments

Types of Research

  • Personnel collaboration space integrated with compelling visualization capabilities
  • General hub to support aspects of all types of system integration research throughout the ESIF

Recent Projects

Demonstrating distributed grid-edge control hierarchy with OMNETRIC and Duke Energy

Advancing utility microgrid performance with San Diego Gas & Electric

Developing and applying Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) evaluation platform