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Grid Integration Webinars

Watch presentations from NREL analysts on various topics related to grid integration.

Wind Curtailment and the Value of Transmission under a 2050 Wind Vision Future

January 10, 2017
Jennie Jorgenson, along with Trieu Mai and Greg Brinkman, presented findings from their report titled, Reducing Wind Curtailment through Transmission Expansion in a Wind Vision Future. The study used detailed nodal simulations of the Western Interconnection system with greater than 35% wind energy, based on scenarios from the DOE Wind Vision study to assess the operability of such a system. The simulations were also used to explore the value of transmission in reducing renewable curtailment under these high wind scenarios.

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Grid Integration Webinar: Exploring Renewable Energy Integration in California

April 14, 2016
Greg Brinkman discussed the Low Carbon Grid Study: Analysis of a 50% Emission Reduction in California, which concludes that the state can achieve a 50% reduction from 2012 CO2 levels by 2030 in the electric sector under a wide variety of scenarios and assumptions. We find that enhanced flexibility measures dramatically improve system performance across several key operational and economic metrics, including production costs, emissions, curtailment, and impacts on the operation of gas generation and imports.

Paul Denholm presented findings from Overgeneration from Solar Energy in California: A Field Guide to the Duck Chart. The iconic duck chart illustrates the ramp rate and range needed in conventional power systems to fully utilize solar energy. Move Without the flexibility to accommodate changes in solar generation, power systems could experience "overgeneration" and curtailed renewable energy. Denholm also discussed how curtailment rates can be decreased by changing grid operational practices.

Josh Eichman discussed key findings from Operational Benefits of Meeting California's Energy Storage Targets. The study explores adding storage to a system with 33% and 40% renewable penetration in California using production cost simulations as well as market revenue models.

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Grid Integration Webinar: Operating the Western Interconnection with 80%90% Renewables

March 31, 2016
Greg Brinkman discussed Renewable Electricity Futures: Operational Analysis of the Western Interconnection at Very High Renewable Penetrations, a sub-hourly analysis of grid operation at 8090% renewable penetration in the Western Interconnection. The study analyzed these very high penetrations and potential mitigating strategies for renewable integration.

Trieu Mai introduced a new capacity expansion model with advanced representations of renewable grid integration: the Resource Planning Model (RPM). RPM applies hourly and nodal modeling approaches to assess the economic value and costs of new generation and storage options and to develop future portfolios for regional power systems. Mai also presented future modeled scenarios of the Western Interconnection.

Upcoming work was also discussed, including the Eastern Renewable Generation Integration Study and a flexibility analysis of three regional power systems.

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