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Energy Systems Integration Facility Office Space

The Energy Systems Integration Facility office area consists of two floors with space for 200 research staff (100 spaces per floor), with designated space for commercial partners and facility users.

Photo of office space in the Energy Systems Integration Facility.

All offices are modular and designed to benefit from natural daylighting via 15-ft skylights and large expanses of clerestory glazing, allowing electric lights to be shut off between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. daily. Each floor has five hard-wall huddle rooms, a kitchen unit, and a central copy, printer, and mail room.

The office area heating and cooling systems consist of an air-handling unit that delivers conditioned ventilation air through an under-floor air distribution system and an active beam system. The office air-handling unit has a design capacity of 24,000 cfm (with a minimum outside air of 6,500 cfm) and consists of a pre-filter, heating coil, fan section, cooling coil, and final filter. The office space also has supplemental natural ventilation that consists of operable windows at the perimeter, return fans, and a set of relief air louvers. This enables natural cooling and ventilation throughout the building. Solar-powered fans extract heat from offices.

The active beam system provides heating and cooling within the office space and consists of pipes that are passed through a "beam" and a transfer fan that supplies air to the beam. The active beams are located along the perimeter and can change from heating to cooling and vice versa.