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Fuel Distribution Systems

The Energy Systems Integration Facility's integrated fuel distribution systems provide natural gas, hydrogen, and diesel throughout its laboratories for fueling applications.

Photo of an engineer fueling a vehicle at hydrogen dispensing system.

Standard, laboratory-grade natural gas is provided through a utility connection.

Diesel fuel is available in two laboratories: the Power Systems Integration Laboratory and the Energy Storage Laboratory. Each lab is equipped with a 50-gallon "day tank" for diesel fuel and supply lines throughout the lab space.

Hydrogen is supplied to the labs in the Energy Systems Integration Facility via an integrated fuel distribution bus.

Utility-connected electrolyzers in the Energy Systems Integration Laboratory deliver semiconductor-grade hydrogen (99.999+% purity) for use in the labs. The hydrogen is stored at 450 psi (the electrolyzer operating pressure), regulated down, and provided for general use at 200 psi through 1/4-in. distribution lines.

An outdoor test pad houses equipment that enables hydrogen compression (for use in high-pressure test cells) and storage (for supply to a vehicle dispensing pad) to 750 bar pressure. Supply lines to the compressors are 1/4-in.