Deliberate Science at NREL

NREL scientists discuss their deliberate approach to answering the fundamental questions of renewable energy science.

Deliberate science at NREL means taking fundamental, exploratory science and relating it to our applied research programs to advance new renewable energy technologies to commercialization. In the Deliberate Science at NREL video (below), scientists and other leaders from NREL explain how deliberate science provides a foundation for new and innovative approaches to improve the efficiency and lower the cost of renewable energy technologies.

The Deliberate Science issue of Continuum Magazine showcases some of NREL's foundational science research. The articles explain how basic science helps to directly impact the energy industry. The articles also demonstrate how scientists in NREL's Energy Sciences directorate play an important role in the deliberate science process, which ultimately leads to commercially viable new tools and technology for renewable and sustainable energy.

For more information on deliberate science at NREL, see our capabilities in Biosciences, Chemical and Materials Science, and Computational Science.