Stephen Sullivan

Stephen Sullivan

Senior Software Engineer

At NREL, Stephen Sullivan’s design and development work ranges from HPC software to databases, Web sites, and visualization.

Stephen's fields of expertise include scientific computing, Python, Java, Javascript, C++, and a variety of databases and Web frameworks.

Prior to joining NREL, he worked at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. There he implemented machine learning systems to predict turbulence, designed and developed a wavelet data compression system for the HDF5 and NetCDF data formats, and designed and implemented various databases and scientific websites.


  • M.S. Computer Science, University of Colorado Boulder

  • M.S. Microbiology, University of Michigan

  • B.A. Mathematics, Pomona College

Selected Publications 

  1. Sullivan, S. (2012). "Wavelet Based Compression of Meteorological Data." White Paper for the FAA,
  2. Sullivan, S. (2012). "Performance Analysis of the Web Coverage Service Reference Implementation." Report to the FAA,
  3. This paper received the first place prize in the AMS Artificial Intelligence Forecasting Contest, 2008

  4. Sullivan, S.J. and Zorn, G.G. (1995). "Numerical Analysis Using Non-Procedural Paradigms." ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software (3:21); pp. 267-298.