David Biagioni

David Biagioni

Staff Scientist

(303) 275-4381

Dave began as a staff scientist in the Modeling and Simulation group in the Computational Science Center (CSC) in 2014. He finished his Ph.D. in Applied Math at CU Boulder in 2012, having been supported by the CSC as graduate research assistant from 2009-2012. Dave was a research associate in CU Boulder's Aerospace Engineering Sciences Department from 2013-2014. He enjoys working around the intersection of renewable energy applications, HPC, data analysis and applied math and is always looking for collaborations that span this mix.

Recent & Active Projects (2014 - present):


  • IGMS co-simulation framework: plugins for transmission and power flow simulators
  • ACES Workbench: tools for processing and visualiztion of grid simulation data
  • Production cost modeling (FESTIV& PLEXOS) on HPC: running large / parallel jobs, data processing and visualization, model conversion and validation


  • Framework development for analyzing large spatiotemporal datasets on Peregrine using R (pbdR) and Python


  • Phase identification from X-ray diffraction data using pattern analysis and machine learning algorithms


  • Matlab support on Peregrine (parallel, distributed, and compiled)

Past Projects:


  • Multi-way data decomposition of combinatorial PV reliability data


  • Spectral calibration, filtering and prediction (FTIR and gene microarray data)
  • Sparse regression (py-MBMS and co-saccarification data)

Applied Math:

  • Canonical tensor decompositions
  • High-demensional stochastic PDE solvers
  • Sparse and separable representations for data and functions


J. Peng et. al.  Design of Polynomial Chaos Basis for Solution of Differential Equations with Random Inputs (in prep). 

Biagioni, David J., Daniel Beylkin, and Gregory Beylkin. "Randomized interpolative decomposition of separated representations." Journal of Computational Physics 281 (2015): 116-134.

Biagioni, David, Rebekah L. Graham, David S. Albin, Wesley B. Jones, and Changwon Suh. "Analysis of governing factors for photovoltaic loss mechanism of n‐CdS/p‐CdTe heterojunction via multi‐way data decomposition." Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications 23, no. 1 (2015): 49-60.

Biagioni, David Joseph. "Numerical construction of Green's functions in high dimensional elliptic problems with variable coefficients and analysis of renewable energy data via sparse and separable approximations." PhD diss., UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT BOULDER, 2012.

Biagioni, David J., Ryan Elmore, and Wesley Jones. "Keeping greed good: sparse regression under design uncertainty with application to biomass characterization." arXiv preprint arXiv:1207.1888 (2012).

Biagioni, David J., David P. Astling, Peter Graf, and Mark F. Davis. "Orthogonal projection to latent structures solution properties for chemometrics and systems biology data." Journal of Chemometrics 25, no. 9 (2011): 514-525.

Posters, Talks & Proceedings:

“Numerical construction of Green’s functions for high dimensional elliptic problems with variable coefficients.” Invited talk, SIAM Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA. July 2013.

“A sparse linear model of recalcitrance that leverages estimates of uncertainty from repeated mea- surements.” Poster, BioEnergy Sciences Center Retreat, Chattanooga, TN. July 2012. 

“Practical data analysis in two renewable energy applications.” Poster, Conference on Data Analysis, Santa Fe, NM. February 2012. 

“Challenges in quantifying compositional mechanisms for cosaccarification.” Poster, BioEnergy Sci- ences Center, Characterization Workshop, Riverside, CA. January 2012.

“Photovoltaics informatics: harnessing energy science via data-driven approaches”, with Changwon Suh, Kristin Munch, Wesley Jones, et. al. Proceedings paper, Materials Research Society Proceedings, Vol. 1425. 2011. 

“Exploring high-dimensional data space: identifying optimal process conditions in photovoltaics”, with Changwon Suh, Wesley Jones, et. al. Proceedings papter, 37th IEEE Photovoltaics Specialists Conference, Seattle, WA. June 2011. 

“Harmonic analysis of regulatory data.” Poster, CIMBposium, Boulder, CO. November 2010. 

“Algorithms for removing thermodynamically infeasible loops from flux balance analysis solutions.” Talk, CU Boulder Applied Math Department Dynamics Seminar. October 2009. 

“Modeling of large-scale metabolic networks: theoretical and computational advances.” Talk, SIAM Annual Meeting, Denver, CO. July 2009