Drazenka Svedruzic

Drazenka Svedruzic

Research Scientist

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(303) 384-6246
At NREL Since: 

During her time at NREL, Dr. Svedruzic has been involved in diverse research areas in catalytic conversions for renewable energy technologies, catalyst design, and fundamental understanding of associated chemical transformations. Her research has included biocatalysts, molecular catalysts, metals, and semiconductors, as well as various catalytic conversions such as water splitting, H2 and biofuel oxidation, CO2 reduction, and C-C bond formation.
Dr. Svedruzic started her career at NREL as a postdoctoral researcher working on the recombinant expression, and biochemical end electrochemical characterization, of [FeFe] hydrogenases (H2ases). She also studied various aspects of interaction between H2ase and nanomaterials.  As a staff scientist, she initially worked on the design and characterization of enzyme-based electrodes and biofuel cells as part of a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with Lockheed Martin. Since 2012, Drazenka’s research has been focused on the effects of extrinsic strain on optoelectronic and catalytic properties of materials (mechanochemistry, strain catalysis). Her current research focuses on changes in optoelectronic properties of small molecules (e.g., porphyrins) under elastic strain, as well as various catalytic conversions on the surfaces of extrinsically strained semiconductors and metals.

Research Interests 

  • Optoelectronic and catalytic properties of intrinsically and extrinsically strained materials
  • Electrochemical and biochemical CO2 reduction and C-C bond formation
  • Interfacing biological and nonbiological materials; biofuel cells and bioelectrodes
  • Biochemistry and enzymology of metalloenzymes


  • Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Florida — Gainesville, 2005

  • B.S., Chemistry, University of Zagreb — Zagreb, Croatia, 1997

Selected Publications 

  1. Svedruzic, D; Gregg, B.A (2014). "Mechano-electrochemistry and fuel-forming mechano-electrocatalysis on spring electrodes." J Phys Chem C (118:33); pp. 19246-19251.
  2. Svedruzic, D.; Blackburn, J.L.; Tenent, R.C.; Rocha, J.D.R.; Vinzant, T.B.; Heben, M.J.; King, P.W. (2011). "High-performance hydrogen production and oxidation electrodes with hydrogenase supported on metallic single-wall carbon nanotube networks." J. Am Chem Soc (133:12); pp. 4299-4306.
  3. Blackburn, J.L.; Svedruzic, D.; McDonald, T. J.; Kim, Y.-H.; King, P.W.; Heben, M. J. (2008). "Raman spectroscopy of charge transfer interactions between single wall carbon nanotubes and [FeFe] hydrogenase." Dalton Transactions (40); pp. 5454-5461.
  4. Hambourger, M.; Gervaldo, M.; Svedruzic, D.; King, P.W.; Gust, D.; Ghirardi, M.; Moore, A.L.; Moore, T.A. (2008). "[FeFe]-Hydrogenase-Catalyzed H2 production in a photoelectrochemical biofuel cell." J. Am. Chem. Soc. (130:6); pp. 2015-2022.
  5. McDonald, T. J.; Svedruzic, D.; Kim, Y.-H.; Blackburn, J. L.; Zhang, S. B.; King, P.W.; Heben, M. J. (2007). "Wiring-up hydrogenase with single-walled carbon nanotubes." Nano Lett. (7:11); pp. 3528-3534.

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