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Do You Need a Reason to Use the REopt Lite Tool?

No cost. Little effort. Lots of results. Consider these reasons for using the REopt™ Lite tool to help integrate and optimize solar photovoltaic (PV) and battery storage systems for a commercial building.

Photo of a building's rooftop with several rows of solar panels and other buildings in the distance.

The REopt Lite tool evaluates the economic viability of these grid-connected systems. It identifies system sizes and battery dispatch sizes to minimize energy costs. And it estimates how long a system can sustain a critical load during a grid outage.

It’s the publicly available, online version of NREL’s more comprehensive REopt model. Over the past 10 years, NREL analysts have used the full REopt model to evaluate renewable energy opportunities at more than 10,000 sites, leading to more than 260 megawatts of renewable energy development.

The REopt Lite tool provides access to a subset of the full model’s capabilities. This allows commercial building managers to run their own site-specific, optimized, and integrated renewable energy decision analysis.

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