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Colorado Integrated Solar Project

The Colorado Integrated Solar Project was a hybrid CSP/coal plant approach using parabolic-trough solar technology. A parabolic trough solar field provided thermal energy to produce supplemental steam for power generation at Xcel Energy's Cameo Station's Unit 2 (approximately 2 MWe equivalent) in order to decrease the overall consumption of coal, reduce emissions from the plant, improve plant efficiency, and test the commercial viability of concentrating solar integration. The plant was used for testing purposes until the coal plant was retired and the CSP plant was decommissioned.

Status Date: November 21, 2013
Project Overview
Project Name: Colorado Integrated Solar Project (Cameo)
Country: United States
Location: Palisade, Colorado
Owner(s): Xcel Energy (100%)
Technology: Parabolic trough
Turbine Capacity: Net: 2.0 MW Gross: 2.0 MW
Status: Currently Non-Operational
Start Year: 2010

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Technology: Parabolic trough
Status: Currently Non-Operational
Country: United States
City: Palisade
State: Colorado
Lat/Long Location: 39°8′ 54.96″ North, 108°19′ 5.1234″ West
Land Area: 6 acres
Contact(s): Marty Smith
Company: Xcel Energy
Start Production: January 2010
Cost (approx): 4,500,000 dollars
Project Type: Demonstration


Developer(s): Xcel Energy ; Abengoa Solar
Owner(s) (%): Xcel Energy (100%)
EPC Contractor: Abengoa Solar
Operator(s): Xcel Energy

Plant Configuration

Solar Field

Solar-Field Aperture Area: 6,540 m²
# of Solar Collector Assemblies (SCAs): 8
# of Loops: 4
# of SCAs per Loop: 2
SCA Aperture Area: 817 m²
SCA Length: 150 m
Heat-Transfer Fluid Type: Xceltherm® 600
Solar-Field Inlet Temp: 190°C
Solar-Field Outlet Temp: 300°C

Power Block

Turbine Capacity (Gross): 2.0 MW
Turbine Capacity (Net): 2.0 MW
Output Type: Solar hybrid
Cooling Method: Wet cooling

Thermal Storage

Storage Type: None