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Planta Solar 20

This page provides information on Planta Solar 20, a concentrating solar power (CSP) project, with data organized by background, participants, and power plant configuration. Abengoa Solar's Planta Solar 20 (PS20) is a 20-megawatt power tower plant being constructed next to the PS10 tower, and it will be the largest power tower in the world. The PS20 receiver has been significantly improved with respect to its predecessor PS10 receiver. For example, designing a natural circulation receiver and increasing incident solar radiation capture will increase net electrical power output by 10 percent. The 160-meter tower was designed to reduce the visual impact of its height. The plant has the capacity to generate more than 40 gigawatt-hours of energy each year, enough to supply power to 10,000 homes.

Status Date: March 20, 2017
Photo of the central tower of the power tower system. The tower contains a lozenge-shaped cut-out in the middle, which gives the tower a lighter, more architecturally designed appearance than a solid structure would have. Several much lower buildings flank the tower.
Project Overview
Project Name: Planta Solar 20 (PS20)
Country: Spain
Location: Sevilla
(Sanlúcar la Mayor)
Owner(s): Abengoa Solar
Technology: Power tower
Turbine Capacity: Net: 20.0 MW Gross: 20.0 MW
Status: Operational
Start Year: 2009

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Technology: Power tower
Status: Operational
Country: Spain
City: Sevilla
Region: Sanlúcar la Mayor
Lat/Long Location: 37°26′ 30.97″ North, 6°14′ 59.98″ West
Land Area: 80 hectares
Solar Resource: 2,012 kWh/m2/yr
Source of Solar Resource: Abengoa Solar
Electricity Generation: 48,000 MWh/yr (Expected/Planned)
Generation Data Explanation: Gross generation
Contact(s): Luis Rejano
Company: Abengoa Solar
Key References: Web site
Break Ground: 2006
Start Production: April 22, 2009
PPA/Tariff Date: January 17, 2005
PPA/Tariff Type: Royal Decree 661/2007
PPA/Tariff Rate: 27.1188 Euro cents per kWh
PPA/Tariff Period: 25 years
PPA/Tariff Information: Total Price = Pool + Tariff Rate
Project Type: Commercial plant
Incentives: 1.9 million Euros from Andalusian Regional Government


Developer(s): Abengoa Solar
Owner(s) (%): Abengoa Solar
EPC Contractor: Abener Energía
Operator(s): Abengoa Solar
Generation Offtaker(s): Electric Market (Pool)
Endesa Distribución (FIT)

Plant Configuration

Solar Field

Heliostat Solar-Field Aperture Area: 150,000 m²
# of Heliostats: 1,255
Heliostat Aperture Area: 120.0 m²
Heliostat Manufacturer (Model): Abengoa (Solucar 120)
Heliostat Description: Glass-metal
Tower Height: 165 m
Receiver Type: Cavity
Heat-Transfer Fluid Type: Water
Receiver Outlet Temp: 250 - 300

Power Block

Turbine Capacity (Gross): 20.0 MW
Turbine Capacity (Net): 20.0 MW
Power Cycle Pressure: 45.0 bar
Cooling Method: Wet cooling
Cooling Method Description: Refrigeration towers

Thermal Storage

Storage Type: Other
Storage Capacity: 1 hour(s)