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Pedro de Valdivia

The planned project, located at Maria Elena in the Antofagasta region, is a 360 MW plant divided in two phases (I and II) which in turn are divided into two 90 MW units. The plant will use parabolic trough technology with thermal storage. The expected generation is up to 2,108 GWh per year.

Status Date: February 12, 2013
Project Overview
Project Name: Pedro de Valdivia
Country: Chile
Location: Maria Elena
Owner(s): Grupo Ibereolica (100%)
Technology: Parabolic trough
Turbine Capacity: Net: 360.0 MW Gross: 360.0 MW
Status: Under development
Start Year: 2015

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Technology: Parabolic trough
Status: Under development
Country: Chile
City: Maria Elena
Region: Antofagasta
Lat/Long Location: 22°43′ 4.0″ South, 69°35′ 10.0″ West
Land Area: 1,982 hectares
Electricity Generation: 2,108,000 MWh/yr (Estimated)
Contact(s): SolarPACES
Break Ground: October 2012
Start Production: 2015
Cost (approx): 2,610,000,000 USD
Project Type: Commercial


Developer(s): Grupo Ibereolica
Owner(s) (%): Grupo Ibereolica (100%)

Plant Configuration

Solar Field

# of Solar Collector Assemblies (SCAs): 5,376
# of Loops: 1344
# of SCAs per Loop: 4
Heat-Transfer Fluid Type: Thermal Oil
Solar-Field Inlet Temp: 293°C
Solar-Field Outlet Temp: 393°C

Power Block

Turbine Capacity (Gross): 360.0 MW
Turbine Capacity (Net): 360.0 MW
Cooling Method: Dry cooling
Fossil Backup Type: Natural gas

Thermal Storage

Storage Type: 2-tank indirect
Storage Capacity: 10.5 hours
Thermal Storage Description: Molten Salt