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Supcon Solar Project

The first 10 MW phase of the project was connected to the grid in July 2013. The second phase is currently under development.

Status Date: September 26, 2016
Project Overview
Project Name: Supcon Solar Project
Country: China
Location: Delingha
Owner(s): SUPCON Solar (100%)
Technology: Power tower
Turbine Capacity: Net: 50.0 MW Gross: 50.0 MW
Status: Under construction

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Technology: Power tower
Status: Under construction
Country: China
City: Delingha
Region: Qinghai
Lat/Long Location: 37°21′ 59.0″ North, 97°17′ 34.0″ East
Land Area: 330 hectares
Electricity Generation: 120,000 MWh/yr (Expected)
Contact(s): Webmaster Solar
Key References: Web site
Break Ground: November 28, 2010
Cost (approx): 750,000,000 RMB
Project Type: Commercial


Developer(s): SUPCON Solar
Owner(s) (%): SUPCON Solar (100%)

Plant Configuration

Solar Field

Heliostat Solar-Field Aperture Area: 434,880 m²
# of Heliostats: 217,440
Heliostat Aperture Area: 2.0 m²
Tower Height: 80 m
Heat-Transfer Fluid Type: Molten salt

Power Block

Turbine Capacity (Gross): 50.0 MW
Turbine Capacity (Net): 50.0 MW
Output Type: Steam Rankine

Thermal Storage

Storage Type: 2-tank direct
Storage Capacity: 6 hours
Thermal Storage Description: Molten Salt