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Apply to NREL’s Mini-Semester Program — Video Text Version

This is the text version for the Apply to NREL’s Mini-Semester Program video.

Video opens with a wide shot of the NREL campus.

Rayvin Gaudet: The mini-semester experience was kind of like a brief overview of what was possible...

Josue O'Neil Maldonado: energy and all the different projects that we could take part in.

Nia Grant: It was great to actually come here...go to all the labs...go to the wind site...that was really cool...never seen a wind turbine...those things are huge!

Still shots of participants gathered around tables and working on projects.

Jiselle Ye: Being a part of the mini-semester program, I was able to meet a lot of great researchers who work in the field that I want to work in.

Rayvin Gaudet: The thing that really made me want to come to NREL after the mini internship was NREL itself had this very friendly vibe...I feel like I could pull anybody aside and ask them what they're doing and they would tell me and I would learn something.

Jiselle Ye: Doing that mini-semester program really helped me see for myself what it's like being here at NREL and I really wanted to come back.

Still shots of participants doing hands-on activities.

Rayvin Gaudet: Because of this NREL internship experience, I think that I will be pursuing a PhD in chemistry.

Jiselle Ye: I've spent 10 weeks here and I love the experience...I know for sure I'm gonna get a PhD in material science and engineering.

Josue O'Neil Maldonado: I'm now considering doing graduate studies, especially a master's degree, whether it's in bioenergy or chemical engineering.

Still shots of participants gathered around tables.

Jiselle Ye: So, being a part of the mini-semester program, I was able to learn more about the field that I want to work on and that really gave me an advantage to plan my internship here this summer.

Nia Grant: Being able to wear my lab glasses and my gloves...Like, you see this on, micro-pipetting, I feel so sciency and cool...So, I think that's really good to actually get that experience because I just finished freshman year, a lot of people are not doing that. So, I feel like that's really pushed me above and beyond.

Rayvin Gaudet: At my home institution, I wouldn't have had the experiences that I've had here and I really feel like I'm leaving here with some worthwhile, I'm thankful.

Still shots of participants sitting at tables.

Jiselle Ye: Anyone who's looking to pursue a career in renewable energy should apply to the mini-semester program.

Josue O'Neil Maldonado: I know, for a fact, that when I get back to my university, I have a couple people that I'll definitely suggest this to.

Nia Grant: I would definitely recommend the mini-semester definitely gives you an insight into what you're going to be doing.

Rayvin Gaudet: I've gained so much from it that I have nothing bad to say about this internship experience.

Video concludes with words appearing on-screen, “Apply for the 2020 Mini-Semester Program at