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Inclusion and Diversity

At NREL, we believe that fostering an inclusive work environment maximizes the unique talents and innovative ideas of every employee.

Our diverse backgrounds and expertise from across the globe enable the laboratory to create clean energy solutions built upon a wide range of experiences and viewpoints. To see how NREL staff breaks down by gender and ethnicity, view our demographics below.

Leading by Example

Our commitment to an inclusive workforce is a deep-seeded belief held by our leadership team. Listen to NREL Director Martin Keller share his thoughts on inclusion and diversity in the workplace.


The figures for each category below reflect NREL's employee population as of September 30, 2018 with 1,945 total employees.


Male Female
80.0% 20.0%
Caucasian Other People of Color Underrepresented Minorities
73.3% 0.0% 26.7%