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Inclusion in the Workplace — Text Version

This is the text version for the Inclusion in the Workplace video.

Manajit Sengupta: I work at NREL because of primarily the challenges, the excitement of the work, and the people I work with.

Suzy Belmont: When people feel safe and they feel accepted, they're able to bring the best parts of themselves forward, and they're able to bring exciting new ideas forward because they feel like they can fail, they feel like they can try out new things.

Bobi Garrett: A culture of inclusion is important to me because every day when I come to work, what I see are people that have great ideas, they're totally committed to the mission, and they want to have an impact in the world.

Manajit Sengupta: It really makes a difference when you can get up in the morning and say, 'I'm excited to go work with the people around me.' That really matters.

Suzy Belmont: My hope for the future is that people can come to work and don't feel like they have to hide a part of themselves. So whether you're transgender, or you come from a biracial background, or you're an immigrant, or whatever it is, I would hope that you could come to work and feel like you are safe.

Bobi Garrett: NREL supports diversity first of all by focusing on a talented and diverse workforce, and you can see that in the staff across the laboratory.

Jack Xander: I see NREL as sort of the United Nations of energy. Since we have such a diverse group from all over the world, eventually the technology that we help develop is going to branch out to the whole world.

Linda Lung: I am proud to tell people that we have folks here from 80 different countries, that we speak 30 different languages, and that we represent 600 universities.

Manajit Sengupta: We work all over the world, and we have people from all over the world, bringing in that diversity of opinion and thought.

Jack Xander: You can bring your background, you can bring your culture, you can bring your differences, and those differences will be embraced.

Suzy Belmont: I am Suzy Belmont, and I am part of one NREL.

Jack Xander: I am Jack Xander, and I am part of one NREL.

Manajit Sengupta: I am Manajit Sengupta, and I am part of one NREL.

Linda Lung: I am Linda Lung, and I am part of one NREL.