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Intern Mini-Semester at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory

In NREL's Intern Mini-Semester, students spend three days at NREL during the winter break to learn about energy research opportunities. Students interact with scientists and researchers, attend lectures on current projects, and participate in facility tours to experience work in progress. The online application process will help facilitate efficient evaluation of interested interns.

Student Information

To participate in NREL's mini-semester, you must be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident.
Are you a US Citizen? (Required)
If no, are you a Legal Permanent Resident? (Required)
Recommendations: NREL will contact the professors you name below and ask that they submit letters of recommendation describing why you would be a good candidate for NREL’s Mini-Semester.
School Information
Note: The following two demographic questions are voluntary. This information is used to better serve ALL students. Your voluntary responses are for internal purposes only.
Optional: Ethnicity and Gender

Research Interests and Career Plans

Write a short essay (400-word limit) describing the research you are interested in learning more about while at NREL. In the essay, list three areas of research that interest you and why you are interested in each. Find details on NREL research at