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NREL Employee's Perspective Video — Text Version

Below is the text version for the video "Did You Know? NREL's Andrea Watson's work is helping partner nations reach their COP21 goals."

I think the reason I love working at NREL is the teams of people here are constantly pushing me. There's some of the most intelligent and passionate people I've ever worked with and they therefore encourage me every day to be my best.

My name is named Andrea Watson and I'm a manager in the strategy implementation section in Integrated Applications Center and I'm also the project lead for the EC-LEDS program.

The EC-LEDS work as an interagency program and NREL is involved through partnerships with USAID. EC-LEDS is focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions while the same time helping our partner countries around the world develop economically.

So NREL does work in Mexico, Jamaica, Columbia, as well as South Africa, Kenya, Gabon. Also in Asia we've done work in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, as well as the Philippines and Bangladesh. NREL's involvement really allows a lot of the cutting-edge research done here at the laboratory both in renewable energy technologies as well around barrier reduction in policy, finance, and engineering challenges and helps get a lot of that technical assistance that we do here at the laboratory out to these partner nations as they're trying to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and reach the goals that they've committed to in COP21, the international climate change agreement, and it's an amazing opportunity to get to work on this.